originally i intended this page to be a bio.  after some reflection however I decided that no such thing was really needed.  instead, i spewed out the rant below.


i often walk by the lake

and when i sit here, everything is crisp.  

no questions.

only the sky, the water, the air - seagulls gliding through stillness  

everything’s fresh.

the universe and eye breathe as one

as it sits here, still

and filled

with all its wonder


love, gladness, magic and joy

what? .. well, what can you really call that which is unfathomable?

life at its sharpest vibrance,

that which is, yet isn’t;

that which is me, you,

and yet not me,

the everything birthed in the womb of nothing

quiet exhilaration


a) 1 + 1 = 2

b) 1 + 1 = 1

c) 1 + 1 = 0

d) 1 + 1 = ∞

e) all of the above

f) none of the above

g) both e & f

h) it depends on where eye am standing

i) other

j) who cares!

we all know the roads are many, the meeting point always the same.  

infinity is.  

love persists.  


overflowing intensity of gladness.


the extraordinary and magical universe, truth, source, God, awareness, the absolute, the infinite, the divine paradox, life - whatever you choose to call it -  can present itself in different ways, but ultimately comes down to just one here and now - you.


heartcore love

love is the meaning and we are the love embodied


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